Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment- Soft, Adjustable Extra Large Hooded Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Black): Beauty

Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment- Soft, Adjustable Extra Large Hooded Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer with Stretchable Grip and Extended Hose Length (Black): Beauty


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Feature the product
FREE GIFT OFFER with every bonnet! Large Bonnet Size to Hold Almost Any Hairstyle Including Rollers- 9 Inches Long, 15 inches wide, 40 inches hose for mobility, 9 inch perimeter hose width
Adjustable Drawstring and Chin strap to ensure cap stays In Place during Drying Session
Consistent and strategically place hole opening for Even, Robust airflow and distribution
Hold grip and stretchable hose collar to fit almost any size hand held dryer
Storage Bag included to store neatly until the next use and/or traveling


Invest in your hair maintenance with the Glow by Daye Premium Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer Attachment. The Glow by Daye Soft Hood Attachment is made with waterproof material meant to stand the test of time and many drying/conditioning sessions.

This adjustable bonnet hood allows you to adjust the fit around your unique headsize, hairstyle, and/or hair accesories (rollers, clips, flexirods, etc). While our flexible, lightweight material makes it light on the head while still trapping the heat for effective drying and/or conditioning.

Our wide hose size (9 Inches perimeter) allows for a robust flow of warm air to your hair while you set, style, and condition. The long hose design (greater than 3 feet) allows for easy movement while you are under your hood. Your new favorite hood dryer attachment gives you consistent and even flow throughout the hood with evenly distributed hole openings in the hood for a consistent, gentle flow just like at the salon.

The Glow by Daye Bonnet Hood Attachment was designed for ultimate comfort, flexibility, and functionality for almost any head size or any hair style.

Optional chin straps attached to be used to prevent the fly off of the head.

Best used on the dryer's LOW setting.

Hand washable.

Dryer not Included.

Incredible Offer Available now!

Makes a GREAT GIFT to a friend, stylist, or client.

Your New Styling and Hair Maintenance Must Have

Currently available in the color black.

Perfect for :

Deep conditioning treatments/ Conditioning Sessions

Wrap Sets

Roller Sets

Drying Extensions

Natural Hair

Long, thick, hair

Attaches to Almost All Standard Hand Held Dryers

Forego the large bulky at home hooded dryers for this easy to store and convenient hooded attachment that connects straight to your handheld dryer. Our hose opening stretches up to ~4 inches wide to fit almost any standard size round nozzled handheld dryer.

Avoid the annoying slip off of the dryer with the opening of the hose lined with gripping silicone material.

Travel/Storage Bag Included