Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration 3 in 1 Function, 4 Masssaging Rollers Pedicure Tired Feet Stress Relief Help Sleep Home Use: Beauty

Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration 3 in 1 Function, 4 Masssaging Rollers Pedicure Tired Feet Stress Relief Help Sleep Home Use: Beauty


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Feature the product
For Family's Gift This fabulous foot spa is 3 in 1. Includes heating function for a warm foot spa and relieves fatigue, calming bubbles that truly pamper your feet. Also, intense vibrations to melt away stress. The bubbles reduce pressure while providing a massage. The 3 fuctions can work individually or all at once. At 13.7" diameter it even fits mens feet up to size 15. Rated Voltage 120V. Power Rating 500W. Rated Frequency 60Hz. Ideal Gift for family for its true spa experience.
Intelligent Temperature Control Set your favorable temperature (between 95and 118/35-48) when you start the foot massager and the spa massager will heat the water up to the setted temperature, which can be maintained through usage without the need to add any hot water, ensuring you with a stable warm foot spa.
Massager & Removable Rollers 4 removable massaging rollers provide massage on your feet while and acu-nodes on the bottom well apply pressure to accupoints on the soles to effectively reinvigorate you with added comfort. And it can be easily to remove it if you dont need the massaging rollers. Please kindly be noted that the rollers are not motorized ones, you need to move your feet yourself to enjoy the benefits of the rollers.
Fashionable and ErgonomicThe foot spa is fashionable and elegant with transparent design. The ergonomic outline well fits feet and helps prevent water from splashing. And non-slip rubber footstands maintain the stability of salon foot massager while in use. A small removable case is set in the massager inside which spa materials like bath epson salts could be put for a better foot spa comparable to an authentic one, totally relaxing you and soothing your mind.
Safety First & Customer Priority- FDA certification certifies quality ensure your safety. All the foot spa massagers are on strict inspection before packaging. If you receive a product with water signs inside, this is a sign of factory inspection, which is a normal phenomenon. For any quality-related issues, please feel free to contact us, and a satisfying solution will be provided in 24 hours.

Product Description


Foot Spa Massager with Heat & Bubbles & Vibration

A foot spa is a great way to help relax yourself after a day filled with stress and fatigue, for it accelerates the process of metabolism, which is beneficial to your entire body. Simply fill the MaxKare spa bath massager with water, customize your ideal spa treatment, and then enjoy yourself with the relaxing comfort brought through bubbling warm water. The restorative spa helps alleviate stress and enhance well-being, making you believe that a day's hard work is worthwhile and sleep better at night.

What You Get:

1 x MaxKare Foot Spa Massager

1 x User manual

Product Features:

1.The LCD screen clearly displays the set temperature and working modes.

2.The front curve of the product helps prevent water from splashing while poured out.

3.The storage case and massage rollers are detachable.

4.The cable length of the power cable is 150cm / 69in.

5.The product features electric leakage protecting for safer user experience


1.Please do not use it without water.

2.Please keep the water volume between maximum line and minimum line.

3.Please keep the control panel away from water.

Heat Foot Spa Benefits

Promote Better Night Sleep

Foot spa with warm water helps increase skin temperature with body temperature then slightly being elevated after about 15 minutes, indicating that some heat has well penetrated the body. This will help relieve stress, fatigue, and tension, physically and mentally, promoting better sleep and reducing chance of sleeplessness.

Relieves Discomfort

When we have a headache or flu, our head is congested. A warm foot spa helps open foot vessels and stimulate nerve endings, relieving discomfort from a cold. Keeping soaking feet in warm water can improve the immunity too.

Keep Light and Graceful

Modern life is full of toxins, whether in the air we breathe or in the food we eat. Toxins will accumulate in kidneys, liver and fat cells. A foot spa mixed with proper spa salt assists in removing toxins. Elimination of toxins will help remove the barrier to weight loss and improved well-being.

Take Good Care of Feet

Physical condition and age greatly influence sleep architecture. The elderly or those in a bad physical condition show increased signs of frequent insomnia. Their sleeping quality can be overall enhanced with a warm foot bath in the evening.

Bubbles&Massager Benefits Bubbles' power

Bubbles well target Yong Quan acupuncture points on soles consistently for optimal spa effect. The Bubbles is gentle and you can really feel the your soles is doing massage.

4 Massage Rollers

Manually massage your soles with 4 massage rollers, well stimulating acupuncture points that connect brain)eyes, ears, lung, stomach, heart, and lower body glands. And vibration function further relaxes you.

Professional design

The design and function of this foot bath imitates the traditional Chinese massage technique. When bathing the feet, you can add bath salts and essential oils, so you can also make a professional foot spa at home.

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