Without a Doubt: Marcia Clark: 9781631680687: Books PaperBlack Without a Doubt: Marcia Clark: 9781631680687: Books PaperBlack

Without a Doubt: Marcia Clark: 9781631680687: Books PaperBlack


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It's not especially original or well written, but by the last page you'll feel as burnt out, beaten up, and victimized as Marcia herself. You'll also feel strangely exhilarated. Tough prosecutor Clark, accustomed to victory, finds out she might not be as different from battered wife Nicole Brown Simpson as she originally thought. --Entertainment Weekly, Dana Kennedy

This capacity for single-minded passion drives Ms. Clark's outsized persona as a brainy, sexy, brash, foulmouthed, inhale-without-apology, post-feminist, workaholic-but-maternal, tough-but-vulnerable female. And throughout her book that passion hints at a story that never quite emerges--an epic of disastrous confrontation with America's heart of darkness, centered on the metaphorical resonance of the Simpson trial. --The New York Times Book Review, Ellen Willis

About the Author

California native Marcia Clark is the author of Guilt by Association, Guilt by Degrees, Killer Ambition, and The Competition, all part of the Rachel Knight series. A practicing criminal lawyer since 1979, she joined the Los Angeles District Attorney s office in 1981, where she served as prosecutor for the trials of Robert Bardo, convicted of killing actress Rebecca Schaeffer, and, most notably, O. J. Simpson. The bestselling Without a Doubt, which she cowrote, chronicles her work on the Simpson trial. Clark has been a frequent commentator on a variety of shows and networks, including Today, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as a legal correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

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